On Translating

the Old English THE WANDERER and Other Texts

Here are audio-clips from a CD of ‘The Wanderer’ in the original Old English and in my own translation.  The music is my own; the ravens were themselves:-
Old English
Translation 1 The translation was in the main got up by me some twenty years ago as a part of my pursuit of a comprehensive answer to the question, ‘What are the rhythms of English Poetry?’.

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On Medieval Metrics

On this page of the website there will be papers and pieces dealing with the ways that matters of prosody, measure and rhythm in medieval poetry have been dealt with. It seems to me that this is a very muddled and muddied field.

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In April 2006 the First Caedmon Literary Festival was held in Whitby. Michael made his keynote appearance on Sunday 23rd April. On the 18th January 2006 Michael performed ‘Chewing on a Straw’ at the Village Hall in Sutton Waldron, Dorset. On Tuesday the 18th January, at the Village Hall, people gathered from near and far to enjoy an evening of rustic stories, poetry and music.

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