The True English (Poetry) Party

The TE(P)P is an actual Party formally registered with and has the Party Reference RRP 4755321 The Party’s Leader, Nominating Officer and Treasurer is Michael George Gibson The Party’s Other Specified Office Holder is Ms. Dorli Nauta who is designated The Party’s Helpmate The Party was established with the following statement of its constitution: The Party’s Manifesto –

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Cheshire Poet Laureate 2008

In October Ms Nauta and I attended a presentation at County Hall, Chester, by the current Cheshire Poet Laureate, Jo Bell. (Also see Ledbury 2006 – You’re being watched…) She informed prospective candidates and others what the post entailed. At question time I asked of Ms.

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Garden Craftsman

Since 1975 Michael Gibson has been a designer, maker, keeper and improver of gardens. He qualified as a gardener in 1978. For 15 years Michael was a smallholder and farmer keeping fowl, goats, sheep, horses and bees. His outlook is ‘organic’.

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